Our Latest Investment-Aergo($AERGO)

We are excited to announce our newest investment of 1,500,000 USDT in Aergo($AERGO).

About Aergo:

Aergo is led by its partner Blocko, a Samsung-backed company that has been building enterprise blockchain solutions since 2014. Clients include Samsung, Hyundai, KIA, LG, Cisco, multiple departments of the Korean Government, the Korean Stock Exchange and the Abu Dhabi Royal Family. Aergo is a fourth-generation open-source blockchain and IT platform based on a hybrid-blockchain architecture and a delegated proof of stake consensus model. Recently, Aergo has launched Aergo Agora to further democratize the network.

What is Aergo ($AERGO)?

Aergo’s capabilities can improve your business efficiency and create new opportunities.

Built for businesses, partners, and developers alike, it uses the best practical and most secure blockchain technologies while leveraging your existing IT investments.

Finally, you can make your data work for your business ecosystem.

Website: https://www.aergo.io/

Aergo has successfully listed on Binance on Oct 21 2020. Congratulations!

About BTX Capital:

BTX.Capital is a leading crypto investment bank that aims to provide professional advisory services across the blockchain spectrum, which services Ankr, Cortex, Arpa, NKN, MDT, Suterusu amongst others.

Website: https://btx.capital



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