Our Latest Investment — Measurable Data Token

We are excited to announce our newest investment of 2,000,000 USDT in Measurable Data Token ($MDT).

MDT is a blockchain-built, decentralized data exchange economy that empowers users to monetize and control their own data while providing data buyers a more efficient trading model.

Their vision in the next few years is to connect more data providers, data sources, and users to expand the scenarios in the ecosystem, and make MDT the new standard for data sharing.

Currently, the MDT ecosystem has launched two products:

MyMDT Data Wallet, a user-oriented data wallet Dapp for individual users to get rewards for sharing anonymous data, a Top 5 Dapp on Ethereum.

Over 4 million users have received data rewards through the MyMDT Data Wallet. MyMDT Data Wallet Dapp went open-source in April in 2019 and now distributes data rewards to around 80k opted-in users every week, and around 1000–1500 of the users claim the data rewards via Dapp smart contract.

Measurable AI, a business-oriented alternative data provider that turns anonymous transactional data into consumer insights serving financial institutions and corporates. Measurable AI has been serving clients from Silicon Valley to Wall Street, creating value from the data points that are securely shared in the ecosystem.

This week, MDT just won the latest Binance Community Vote Round 9 to be listed on Binance Exchange.

This is a very exciting partnership for us, and we are very much looking forward to the future of MDT!

About BTX Capital:

BTX.Capital is a leading crypto investment bank that aims to provide professional advisory services across the blockchain spectrum, which service for Ankr, Cortex, Arpa, NKN amongst others.

Website: https://btx.capital



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