Portfolio Update: Unifi Protocol is listed on Binance!

We are thrilled to announce our portfolio Unifi Protocol is listed on Binance Launchpool and soon will be listed on Binance!

What is the Unifi Protocol?

Unifi Protocol DAO is a group of non-custodial, interoperable, decentralized, and multi-chain smart contracts providing the building blocks for the next generation of DeFi development. The Unifi Protocol is designed to provide developers with functional DeFi building blocks linking multiple blockchains together into one large DeFi marketplace. uTrade is the working proof-of-concept for harnessing multi-chain and multi-platform liquidity mining to power UNFI, Unifi’s Global Governance Token.Announcement — Unifi Protocol is listed on Binance!

The UNFI token incorporates the development team’s tokenomics and representative blockchain governance expertise, gained through operating nodes on multiple top blockchains. UNFI’s highly rewarding Proof of Stake Global Governance Model drives the formation of entire communities that are incentivized to advocate for UNFI to be as successful as possible.



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